2608, 2017

Which Emotion Ensures Success Best?

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“How you feel, determines if you heal.” This is a powerful axiom to actualize. You see, there are some emotions that can foster deeper spiritual awakening much more than other emotions…that is, IF you know exactly how to feel them.


Some emotions have a huge energetic charge, that when felt skillfully, can deepen your connection to your true self and can help you reset your life onto a better course. So [...]

1508, 2017

Take Charge of Your Life – Receive 5 New Visions!

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Don't just play a small part in your life - be the powerful embodiment of your bigger self and create your own reality. Maybe you have more power than you think!

You are the center stage and you are the main character in your life, so you might as well be the most powerful character as well!

Come discover 5 new visions of how to take charge of your life so your [...]

608, 2017

How Presence is Much More Than Simply Paying Attention!

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Below is a video and tips on cultivating presence, and what does it really mean to be present. Some say, practicing washing the dishes fosters presence. Well, with my ADHD, that concept never worked for me. What other methods might be useful? Also, remember the discount sign up for my August workshop ends soon so sign up today!

Part I: Who is showing up for you, your false self and [...]

2311, 2016


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Given the recent election results, some of my students and clients have been dreading facing their families over Thanksgiving. You see, many families are divided in whom they supported. Below is an amazing story of a client who has learned to self-regulate her mind, energy and body systems from wound and pain - back to wisdom and wholeness.


She found out what was really important to talk about with her loved [...]

1311, 2016

Your Higher Self Is Really Your True Self – Embrace It!

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I encourage you to create a new vernacular around the concept of higher self that is deeply aligned with the fact that:


1) Everyday you wake up with the inner power to cultivate and embody what some call the “higher self”


2) And, that there is a simple process, you can follow, so that your “higher self” can be realized and embodied (incarnated) into your human form


3) Lastly, that a pivotal step [...]

2410, 2016

Does Procrastination Get In the Way of Your Life Purpose?

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 Does procrastination get in the way of your life task? Watch this video and discover 3 tips for moving forward in your life!



If you are procrastinating and not moving forward in implementing your life task, take some time to locate and feel the emotional pain or false sense of self that is holding you back.


You see, procrastination is an avoidant behavior pattern. In order to progress, you must feel [...]

409, 2016

Can Manifestation Be A Tool for Spiritual Awakening?

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Many manifestation techniques simply focus on asking you to feel the depth of emotion around what you want to create. Yet, that is only one small aspect of what it takes to manifest what you want in your life.


The old saying, wherever you go, there you are - holds true in your manifestation principles.


In other words, your sense of self must vibrate at the consciousness level of the manifestation, [...]

209, 2016

Horses Show Secure Attachment – When Both Partners Give Equally!

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 What is healthy love and what is love that is given out of defense, insecurity and fear?
Check out the above video.  We all can get lost in relationship and lose ourselves. Come learn a healthy way to connect and discover how conflict is really the path to intimacy!  Register at this link for a free training!
I hope to see you there!










2108, 2016

Enlarge Your Sense of Self!

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This Sunday morning’s video is about truth….And that from truth, anything becomes possible and everything becomes probable.


However, the glitch is, can you first find the truth and second, can you also believe the truth is you?  Watch this amazing life affirming video below and learn more.


A student of mine, shared it with me because it represents the essence of the work I teach and now I share it with you [...]

1408, 2016

What is the 1 Skill That Leads to Spiritual Awakening?

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 Watch this video and discover the one skill, you can learn that will guarantee you will awaken to your wholeness!


This skill will help you get a life affirming level of self-mastery!


For instance, a quote I admire says, "When we are in our smaller, less wise self, we don't see things as they are, we see them as "we are!"I believe this truth is the cause of so much pain and [...]