1008, 2016

Why Awaken To Your Gifts If It Is So Hard?

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It is not everyday that we give ourselves the gift of awakening. We get so busy and it is so easy to lose our connection to our bigger selves.


Yet, what is more important than knowing who you really are and incarnating more wholeness into your everyday life?  I call these vital manifesting skills, giving yourself a masters in life!


This is why I want to publicly congratulate my students that graduated [...]

3107, 2016

You Inspire Me! Why Deep Healing Pays Off!

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Congratulate yourself for the deep healing you have done! I know it is not easy to lean into your emotional pain, really embody and own the triggers and negative defenses of your past, and then take the leap to learn how to transform that negative quantum reality and create a new, higher vibrational life.


Everyone that is brave enough to really own their defenses and triggers, is inspiring!


This is because, it [...]

1707, 2016

Your Hidden Saboteur – What is it, and How to Heal it!

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There is a hidden saboteur that may be holding you back!


This particular saboteur is very sneaky.  It steels your power and makes  you feel as if you are helping someone, yet really you are taking their power away.  It creates an unhealthy form of love.


So what is it?


Co-dependency! This topic confuses even the most advanced practitioners and is the cause of so much harm. You see, codependency hides [...]

1607, 2016

What are the Benefits of Using an Integrative Mind, Body, Subtle Energy Approach to Spiritual Awakening and Healing?

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It isn't always easy knowing how to connect to our internal spiritual wholeness.  In this very dense human form, our brain and body systems can make it difficult to move out of our unhealthy defensive structures and into our spiritual wholeness - Core Being.  


Yet, we all are whole. My work holds the philosophy that each person is spiritually whole and that with enough training and support, we can learn to [...]

1007, 2016

How to Enter A Magical Quantum Reality!

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 Did you know, you live in a magical quantum reality that is malleable? Yes, you can be the conscious creator of a higher reality, as you learn how! I teach students to awaken to their higher consciousness, embody their true self, and use that inner wholeness to manifest health, joy and positive manifestation.


Unfortunately, some people create what they want in the world by using other, less awakened methods.  Instead of [...]

307, 2016

Are You Taking On Someone’s Negative Energy?

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In this Sunday morning awakening video, I help you discover how to notice when you are taking on someone's negative energy and how to transform the negative energy into power and positive manifestation.




The truth is, the more self-aware you become, the more you are able to know when your energy is hurting someone and when someone's energy is slowing you down and negatively affecting your ability to move forward in [...]

2606, 2016

Will You Be Successful? Tips to Make it Happen!

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Transformation Tips to Success!

Watch the short inspirational video above for a summary of the transformation tips! I teach a very powerful manifesting spiritual law.  It says, "Your sense of self, creates your reality."
So if you are connected to your bigger self, you will create a higher vibrational reality than if you are connected to your more wounded, dis-empowered parts. Because you can't control everything, the most effective strategies for [...]

1906, 2016

A Heartfelt Father’s Day Gift of Wisdom

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Today is the time daughters and sons traditionally give a gift to their father.  And I am sure you came up with a rock n' gift for those of you who still have their Dad's in the physical.


Yet, today is also the day you can discover what gifts your father has given you! Even if your father had challenges, or wasn’t “the good enough father” you can still discover the [...]

1606, 2016

Get Your Masters In Life!

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You can now sign up for the Mind Energy Body Transformation Coaching Program! Come join us and get your masters in life.  Details - Click Here or contact me directly at: (place coaching certification in the subject line.)


And below is a fun video of this year's students that made a song out of the Secret Code Self-Mastery Steps you learn in the training!


Enjoy, and reach out to me for [...]

1206, 2016

Is The “Power of Presence” Over-Rated?

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Being present while doing the dishes is an old "beginner's mind" meditation practice.  However, that technique never did anything but create frustration and confusion in me. 


The truth is, the practice of "being present" in the moment can be done in a manner that can initiate more pain and confusion or that can awaken deep wholeness, wisdom and positive manifestation! There is so much talk about being present in the moment [...]