Overcoming Trauma

2311, 2016


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Given the recent election results, some of my students and clients have been dreading facing their families over Thanksgiving. You see, many families are divided in whom they supported. Below is an amazing story of a client who has learned to self-regulate her mind, energy and body systems from wound and pain - back to wisdom and wholeness.


She found out what was really important to talk about with her loved [...]

2401, 2016

Is Your Inner Child Holding You Back? 5 Tips To Stop It!

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False Ageements Made As A Child from Carolyn on Vimeo.

In the spiritual, healing and mental health communities, there is often discussion about "un-supportive soul contracts".  A negative soul contract is when someone, before birth, makes an agreement that might have been useful for them to honor at one point in their soul's journey, but becomes very unhealthy in their current lifetime.

In this video, I discuss a similar topic, yet one [...]