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2907, 2015

Compassion in the African Bush of Zimbabwe – Unlike The Killing By the Dentist

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So I met Cecil the lion that was just killed by the American dentist. See video below at the end you will meet Cecil.

I lived in Zimbabwe briefly and had a magical Safari. Below is from a newsletter I wrote after returning and hearing an amazing story of love and compassion.

They "kicked out" the Grandmother of the Pride she helped create because they felt she was too old. You see [...]

1704, 2015


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Have you ever noticed that during difficulty, you treat yourself poorly?

You might exercise less, eat poorly or send yourself negative self-talk. Or, on the other end of the spectrum you may go to denial, blame and fail to take responsibility for what you created. Either way, they are two-sides of the same coin.

I am wondering if you would like to learn how to stop these negative repeating cycles and patterns? [...]

1304, 2014

What is Presence, Really? 5-Steps Is All It Takes!

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When a spiritual teacher told me true presence is being focused while washing dishes, I knew there was so much more! Although presence can included focus, an important question to ask yourself is, "Who is Doing the Focusing?"
For me, true presences is when I have awareness of when I am living from my divine light inside (Core Being) and when I am interacting [...]

3108, 2013

New Research on the Brain Supports the Mind-Body Connection

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New research on the brain supports the mind-body connections.  Check this out!
"New theory upends view of how brain is wired" http://inter.ec/15Xzjgz

By Stephen J Buehler Psychotherapist and Organizational Consultant

Looking at how sensory information is processed in rats, Columbia University neuroscientist Randy Bruno found that signals are processed in two parts of the cortex simultaneously rather than in series—almost as if there are two brains.

“Our findings challenge dogma,” says Bruno, assistant [...]

2508, 2013

Energy Transformation Tips to Create Beauty and Flow in Your Life!

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What you focus on Grows! Look at what you can do and build upon what is working in your life so you get more of what is working!

• Your Sense of Self is defined and "capped" at a certain level by your brain’s neuro-network and your body’s biological programming. You must change your brain and your biology in order to achieve higher consciousness. Rewire your brain, it changes your DNA [...]

2807, 2013


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Tomorrow is a unique time to bridge the gap between your light body (Core Being) and your personality. It can be easier to shift out of your programming and more and more live from Core Being.
Below is a meditation I developed to assist you in this process.  Also feel free to check out this other cool web site a student of mine told me about!  Merkabah Activation - Video http://www.universallifetools.com/2013/07/merkabah-activation/  [...]

1706, 2013

Bucey Brown Bread

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As a child I have fond memories of my mom making Bucey Brown Bread. I made some for my students this weekend. The recipe is below:
Add to bowl and stir in the following order:
1/2 cup brown sugar
1/2 cup sifted white flour
1 cup whole wheat flour
1 cup buttermilk
1 teaspoon baking soda
3 tablespoons black strap molasses
handful of raisins

Bake in slow overn 285 degrees for about 1 1/4 hours

Remove from oven immediately

1706, 2013

Taught an amazing class this weekend!

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Taught an amazing class this weekend...how TRAUMA at the quantum level is the portal back to wholeness. My beloved horse helped us heal as well. Hope you can join us next weekend for our Horse Initiated Psychotherapy training and learn how horses use energy to help us!http://mebschooloftransformation.com/trainings/horse-initiated-psychotherapy/

1606, 2013

From a Student Her Expression of Gratitude After a Weekend Training

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Prairie blooms and blossoms, inside and out. Finding beautiful symbolism in aridland flowers. These plants are adapted from life in harsh conditions. They are well defended with prickly hairs and spines. We are so very similar. Painful life experiences often result in defenses, armoring, false negative beliefs, and unhealthy behavior patterns. Like the cactus that buds forth new life when it flowers, we too can learn that being open and [...]

906, 2013

Discover your transformation Choice Points on love!

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One would think that being addicted to love is a positive spiritual force we should all aspire to obtain. Yet love addiction is as painful and destructive as any other addictive behavior be it drugs, alcohol, sex or food.

See if the questions below signify how you show love to others. Does a part of you fear abandonment? Do you secretly wish someone would rescue you? Can you be needy or [...]