exp-mind-bookDiscover how you can transform Pain to Power! (And help your clients do the same) Read First Chapter Here!


Learn how to access and apply to yourself and your clients the "next evolution" of therapy and trauma work in this comprehensive, integrated holistic mind, energy, body, spirit workbook.  If you have personally experienced mental, physical or emotional challenge and/or work with those who have, the information in this book is critical if you seek to realize a return to wholeness and prevent re-wounding of self and clients.


In addition to in-depth teachings on her innovative ME-B Works System of Change, this book chronicles Carolyn's own journey of healing and discovery.  


An essential addition to the professional library for body-centered psychotherapists, licensed therapist, mental health professionals, energetic healers, coaches, body-workers and anyone supporting healing and transformation, this work will provide you with a greater understanding of the seemingly disconnected disciplines of brain science, and energy work, mindfulness and psychology. 


It will increase your ability to transform emotional pain and life challenge in your life.  It will also support your efficacy as a practitioner. Read First Chapter Here Free!


**This book is the required textbook for students enrolled in the Mind, Energy, Body (ME-B) School of Transformation.


Transform Pain to Power with a fully integrated and profound system of change.


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