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    What is a 20 minute energy and consciousness reading? How is it different from a psychic reading? A 20 min. energy and consciousness reading is where I read your energy field and help you experience where the blocks are held. The blocks in an energy field hold consciousness such as negative emotions, false self and unsupportive beliefs. I help you understand exactly what is the consciousness (false self, negative emotions/beliefs, trauma) in your way that prevents you from manifesting a better life. Once you know exactly what is the metaphorical brick wall in your way, you then can eventually transform it, and move forward with more awareness, wisdom and connection to your true self. I call the brick wall the “tipping point” that when mastered, you are launched forward to your next level of higher consciousness.



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    Every week I post a new video providing tips to awaken to higher consciousness, better support clients and understand how the brain, body and energy systems can work together so you manifest your dreams into reality. It is packed with pounds of laughter, guidance and evidence-based research of how to heal, grow and support others to do the same!


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In this video, you begin to understand how to help yourself and your clients awaken through the Maya or Illusion Buddhist refer to as the instrument that keeps you trapped in pain. The challenges you and you clients have don’t need to keep you lost in pain…they represent the illusion and not the deeper truth.  Awaken through the illusion to a deeper view of reality by shifting life, emotions, illness and depression at its quantum level, the building blocks that form reality.


Come discover how to Melt the Energy of Emotional Pain Away So Conscious Creation Can Come In!

Maya is  the”illusion”, centered on the fact that we do not experience the environment itself but rather a projection of it, created by us. Māyā is the principal deity that manifests, perpetuates and governs the illusion and dream of duality.

Our INTEGRATED ALL-IN One Mind Energy Body Transformation System of change bridges the world of energy healers, therapists and meditators and helps clients and yourself awaken the the deeper truth around you that brings joy, health and conscious creation. Learn 5 Universal Spiritual Laws and 5 Steps so the pain of what is not working shifts so you get the career, life and relationship you have always wanted!  Here is an exercise to help you embody Spiritual Law #1.



Activate Your Inner Knowing to Awaken More Joy and Manifestation



3 Tips So Listening Can Save You Money and Bring You Power


Watch this healing webinar on how to make 2016 an amazing year! Have pen and paper handy so you can fill out the questionnaire on the lessons you gained from last year and how to incorporate them into this coming year!

Receive the New Year 2016 Energies – A Meditation, Wisdom and Realignment


How To Benefit From 2016 New Year’s Energies!


Overcoming Depression!

Zombies-Are They Really Here?




5 Spiritual Laws So You Can Let The Universe Have Your Back! from Carolyn on Vimeo.

To Forgive Is NOT To Forget from Carolyn on Vimeo.

Vital Mindfulness Tip To Create A Better Life! from Carolyn on Vimeo.

Mind Energy Body School of Transformation from Carolyn on Vimeo.

Holiday Stress No More! from Carolyn on Vimeo.

Presence is A Technical Issue You Must Learn from Carolyn on Vimeo.

WHAT IS SAFETY_ from Carolyn on Vimeo.

Get Certified In Mind Energy Body Transformation! from Carolyn on Vimeo.

Meaning of Kiss the Day Away from Carolyn on Vimeo.



 Free Training - Emotional Pain and Life Challenges Can Rewound You - Or They Can Become A Vehicle for Deeper Awakening.

Learn how the neuro-biology of your brain's negative reactivity, and the biology of emotions, false self, ego and wounding can transform to wholeness and the ability to create your best life! There are keys to prevent yourself or your client's from rewounding when they feel pain! Come learn how and check out our Coaching Certification Training too!

Prevent Rewounding Keys from Carolyn on Vimeo.