I invite you to benefit from our integrative self-mastery online programs. Practitioners up level their skills and can receive continuing education credits. Individuals get strong support to transform emotional pain and difficulty into power, wholeness and positive manifestation!



Eliminate Anxiety Now!

$197Anxiety lowers your immune system and limits your inner peace. Discover how to transform anxiety so it motivates you to move forward and have the energy to create what you really want.

Secret Code to Self-MASTERY Level 1

$197This is the first course to help you discover the map to freedom. The self-mastery path so any difficulty or negative emotion can happen for you, and not to you!

How the Universe Can Have Your Back Level 1

$197Your sense of self creates your reality so if you are connected to your inner bigger wholeness, you will create a higher vibrational reality than if you are connected to your wound! Come learn how to chose who you are so you can create what you want!

Prevent Burn out

$197 So many of us in the healing professions more easily give to others than give to self. This makes us less able to show up in our lives and as professionals. Learn an integrative healing approach so you don’t take on your clients/families… energy and you feel renewed and connected to the awakened creativity in your work and in your life!

Energy Healing Level 1

$197Discover a new way of supporting clients through hands-on energy healing skills development! Don’t move the subtle energy – transform it by awakening your clients connection to their spiritual wholeness.

5 Spiritual Laws so The Universe Can Have Your Back

$397There is a map to freedom you can follow! This course helps you follow the universal laws that lead you to manifest the life you want and deserve!

New Energy Paradigm – Advanced

$997There is an evolutionary way of advancing your hands-on energy healing skills. In this work, you don’t move energy – you awaken spiritual wholeness!

Secret Code To Self-MASTERY

$997Learn 5 steps, skills and universal laws to any difficulty, false self and painful emotion transforms to power, wholeness and positive manifestation.

Carolyn Bucey Eberle

Carolyn, MA, LPC is a pioneer and innovator. Former D.C. policy advocate for the underprivileged, Carolyn has been researching and exploring the world of healing for over 30 years. She is a spiritual teacher and leader of the deep, profound and magical ways of helping others create true meaning and value in their life.

Being an over achiever, she has all the degrees you would want from someone supporting you through those painful, difficult life transitions. Carolyn can open the unlimited quantum reality for you to experience directly for yourself - where everything is possible and everything is probable.

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