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PAYMENTS: Tuition payments must be current prior to each scheduled class. Commitment deposit is applied to the tuition. All Travel & Lodging costs are the responsibility of the participant.

TRAINING HOURS: You will receive 115 total Training Hours for this extended studies certification program. Upon request, we will assist you so these hours may count toward other professional re-certification requirements.

MISSED SESSIONS: There are no refunds for any missed training. You CANNOT miss more than 4 days of classes and still receive a certificate of completion unless there are extenuating circumstances approved by Carolyn Bucey Eberle.

HOMEWORK: Homework is required before each class, including Class 1. Homework is due the Monday before class. You agree to come in at least 2 hours before class and stay as late as necessary to finish any homework assignments not completed. At no additional cost, you also have the opportunity to meet individually with the Instructor that reviews ON-TIME homework during class lunch break so that you may receive additional support and receive personal feedback.

SKILL ASSESSMENTS: Mind Energy Body Transformation™ Guide skills are evaluated throughout the extended studies Program on a pass/fail basis.

CERTIFICATE: Upon successful completion of the full Program, you will receive a Mind Energy Body Transformation™ Guide Certificate of Completion. Anyone who has not completed all their homework assignments and transformation skills adequately or had not completed full payment will not get a Certificate. In addition, students that continue on to Mind Energy Body Transformation™ II will be eligible for an Advanced Mind Energy Body Guide Certificate. To receive the Advanced Certificate, you must document a total of 300 Mind Energy Body Guide hours (at least 100 with clients) and these hours must be overseen by an approved Mind Energy Body Guide. The ratio of overseen hours to client hours must not exceed 20. Also, you must commit to follow rules and procedures outlined by Colorado state law or the state law wherever you practice.

CONFIDENTIALITY: Confidentiality of the identity and conversation of other participants in the Program is of the utmost priority. You agree not to divulge or discuss what goes on in the Program outside of the classroom. You further agree not to use any mailing list of students in the Program without the consent of the students.

TEACHING/CLASS MATERIAL: You agree NOT to teach any of the class material. A written and signed License Agreement with Carolyn Bucey Eberle, Founder, is the only exception to this rule. I understand and agree that video recording, audio recording, and photographing of all or any portion of the Program is strictly prohibited. I agree not to reproduce, copy, or otherwise duplicate, publish, or disseminate in any way any such materials without the express written permission of Carolyn Bucey Eberle, and I further agree not to use the name of, or hold myself out to be an agent, employee, or representative of the School without the express written permission of the School. Under no circumstances will I teach any of the School materials or conduct any workshops or seminars using the School’s materials/academic structure/philosophy. I am aware that I may not, for any reason, use the School’s name for purposes of advertising for any of my personal workshops. I understand and agree that during and after attending the School and even after I have graduated, I cannot conduct any practice of any kind unless the laws and regulations of my state and country allow me to do so; my attendance at the Program by itself confers no such right or entitlement to do so.


Class cancellations made prior to two weeks (14 days) before the scheduled Class 1 date will receive a 90% refund of their payment less the non-refundable $300 Commitment Fee paid with your application.

Cancellations after that date and up to the first day of Class 1, may defer their tuition to a future Program held within 2 years of the date of the originally enrolled program.

Withdrawal after Class 1 start date will be subject to forfeit and thus receive no refund. Students are still responsible for full payment of the balance of tuition.

A student can be dismissed at the discretion of the School Official for insufficient progress, nonpayment of costs, or failure to comply with School standards and policies. There are no refunds or payment cancellations for students who are dismissed.

The Mind Energy Body School of Transformation LLC reserves the right to change program inclusion, class dates, and/or location of program.

SELF-RESPONSIBILITY/PERSONAL TRANSFORMATION REQUIREMENTS:  The Mind Energy Body School of Transformation LLC Program(s) includes classes and other related activities (hereinafter collectively called “the School”). I have been informed that the general nature of the Program and the techniques used therein are designed to provide training in the art and science of Mind Energy Body Transformation™ and will present situations that may be physically or emotionally stressful at various stages of the Program. The School has informed me that all instruction/activities are designed for healthy and emotionally stable people and that a person who, as a result of a physical, mental, or emotional disorder, is unable or unwilling to explore emotionally stressful situations or unable to deal with other aspects of the Program should not enroll in the School, or remain as a participant in the School. I understand that if the School determines that I need even more personal support it can require, at any time throughout the Program, that I participate in weekly bodywork or psychotherapy sessions with a practitioner approved by the School or see a physician or other healthcare professional if my choice in order to remain a student in the School. If at any time I feel that I am unwilling or unable to engage in any exercise or aspect of the School, or if I experience any unwanted symptoms or unusual discomfort or stress, I agree to inform the person leading the program at once. I further represent that I am physically and mentally healthy, that I have no knowledge or reason to believe I am emotionally unstable, and that I will consult my own physician or other healthcare professional if there is any question in my mind about my physical or emotional ability to participate in the School. I have no drug/alcohol addictions. I acknowledge that the School will involve students practicing with/on each other and that therefore there will be occasions when one or more other students will be practicing with/on me. I consent to this and I agree that the School will not be liable or responsible in any way for any aspect or outcome of this student practice. I understand and agree that it is my responsibility to follow all applicable laws, codes, ordinances and regulations in relation to my practice of, including my observation of, and whether or not for financial gain, the information taught by the School. Self-responsibility is expected. This means you must work the 5-Steps and move out of your defenses in the group setting and throughout your day. It is vital you maintain clear intention that any triggers or projections not develop into blame of others. Again, if emotional material emerges that is challenging you and is not addressed during the course of the Program, you are responsible to seek professional assistance at your own cost.

I agree that if I violate any one or more of the Policies at any time, and as a result thereof any claim is made or action is taken against the School and/or any of its principals, officers, directors, instructors, or employees, I will indemnify and hold harmless the School and/or any of its principals, officers, directors, instructors, or employees from any costs and expenses incurred (including attorneys’ fees). I hereby assume for myself, heirs, executors, administrators, and assigns, all risk of physical and emotional injury that may occur during or after any of the School’s activites. I agree to release and hold the School, its employees, and agents harmless from any liability, loss, cost, or damage arising out of my participation in any of the School’s activities. I have read and understand all of the policies and procedures and I and any of my past or future agents will hold harmless Carolyn Eberle and/or the MindEnergy Body Institute, LLC and/or the Mind Energy Body School of Transformation LLC or any instructors of the Mind Energy Body School of Transformation LLC for any real or perceived injury or harm physically or emotionally over the course of the Program and furthermore agree they shall not be personally liable for any damage or injury that may be sustained by me, either to my person or my property, while on any premises where classes, activities or sessions are held. I have read the preceding information, understand my rights and agree to participate in the extended studies Program.