Fundamentals of a New Energy Healing Paradigm Where You Awaken Wholeness and Connect Deeper to Source!

Healing Energy-How Does It Work?


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March 25-27, 2016

Friday Night, 5:30pm-8:30pm
Saturday, 10am-5pm; Sunday 9am-1pm

Early Registration Discount Before April 15
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In this workshop, you will learn a new form of quantum holistic healing that includes both hands on touch and no-touch energy techniques. In this new form of healing, you learn to awaken wholeness, truth and spiritual alignment in yourself and in your clients.

You won't be pulling, pushing or allowing energy to flow - there is a new and advanced method that can change how you view the world and yourself!

Come learn how to directly connect to source (and help your clients do the same) and learn to help clients connect directly and self-identify as their internal spiritual wholeness and NOT let themselves be defined by their negative ego, self-talk, defenses or false self!

This work is based on a holistic and spiritually-based orientation called Mind Energy Body Transformation.  And is based on a best-selling healing book, Explorer's Mind - A Map to Freedom.

You will also learn 5 steps/skills for healing your inner unhealthy defenses and wounds. As you learn to address your inner dis-regulation and pain, you then re-emerge with more power to embody your true self.

In this training, you will find the answer to these questions and so much more!

  • Do's and Don't of Energy Work! There are some old-school ideas of how energy healing can happen.  Discover refined methods for invoking healing. In the work I teach, less is sometimes so much more.
  • What is Energy Transformation? This will include the basics of a new form of energy work and will include a discussion on what is the foundational principles that fosters energy shifts toward higher or lower levels of consciousness and healing. You will also learn what ways do hands-on energy healing and hands-off energy healing happen that foster the greatest good.
  • What methods and techniques transform the consciousness of the energy on your body? You will explore why or why don't you need to touch to create healing.
  • What is the anatomy of the energy field, including the Barbara Brennan System, Chakras and other dimensions of energetic wholeness?
  • What role do thoughts and your mind have on energy healing? Is your mind an energetic tool? You will also understand how yoga, meditation and exercise (even hiking) can be productive or unproductive energetic practices.
  • What is a new way of working energetically if you don't "run" "push" or "allow" the energy to flow?  Most orientations use either powerful symbols or "energy modes" to regulate vibrational frequencies that promote health and wellness. Discover a different paradigm where healing is awakened instead of "running" energy like a stream through the blocks.
  • What does presence have to do with energy work? There is much talk among mindfulness practitioners and spiritual leaders about presence. Come learn what is the energetics of optimum presence.
  • How do sense energy, see it, track it and how do you find and identify energy blocks in the mind and body? What constitutes an energy block? Some people think blocks are bad. Yet in this work, you learn energy blocks can become the energetic portal back to reclaim wholeness, wisdom and joy.
  • How does trauma present energetically and somatically in the body and mind? Learn how to sense, see and feel trauma in the mind, energy and body systems.
  • How does mental illness (anxiety, depression, trauma - even schizophrenia) present in the energy field?
  • Is one energetic formula better or worse than another, and if so, why? There is much debate around energy modalities being better or worse than another.  What is the truth and how do you know it is true?
  • What are the foundations of Energy Work. I will cover how energy healing can shift trauma and is an advanced form of mindfulness. Trauma, Mindfulness and the Energy Field. Come learn touch and no touch techniques to transform pain to power, illness to health, negative beliefs to positive manifestation.

Do you:

  • Sense energy (or have a strong intuition) and want to learn imore about that?
  • Want to gain more personal power than you ever thought possible? And learn to create internal safety, trust and self-love?
  • Chose to be in charge of stress and life challenges so they don't control or take charge of you?
  • Have a deep desire to get the clients or career you really want?
  • Are you ready to open to a new view of energy healing and be that empty vessel ready for more!
  • Want to help your clients (yourself) on a deeper level?
  • Are open to new ways so you can avoid re-wounding when you (or your clients) feel painful and overwhelming emotions?

Audrey West, Healer and Body Worker: I am a Reiki Healer and Studied Healing Touch but I learned more in one weekend with Carolyn than in any of my other energy training!"  She has a profoundly different view of energy healing and it works!  (Read more testimonials here)

Is This Different From Past Trainings?

Yes, in this training you focus specifically on learning hands-on touch and no-touch energy healing skills.  You discover new methods that are advanced and not taught anywhere else in the world.  They produce strong and positive outcomes so don't miss out as this workshop is only offered once a year!

Kathy Speak, MA in Counseling: "I studied EMDR, Hakomi, Somatic Experiencing and many other forms of mindfulness and body centered orientations and I didn't really get healing until I worked with Carolyn.  She has a profound and effective take on trauma work that the world needs to learn.  My clients heal faster and deeper and my own life has changed for the better.  Thanks Carolyn, you really get it! Thanks for helping me find me and my life path to self-mastery!"

Why Carolyn Is A Qualified Teacher:

Carolyn Bucey Eberle, is a Licensed Professional Counselor, author, public speaker, spiritual explorer and founder of the Mind Energy Body School of Transformation. 

After years of study, meditation, spiritual awakenings and tons of certifications and degrees,  Carolyn developed a system of deep and profound transformation called Mind Energy Body Transformation (ME-B). And, Carolyn has been teaching her signature, high demand integrative mind, body, spirit certification training program for over 8 years.

From a young age, maybe because of her challenging life circumstances, Carolyn was able to sense energy.  At night, she saw spirit and energy surround her in loving comfort. The spirit world and connection to her higher self taught her the skills you will be learning in this workshop! 

This training is perfect for:

  • Individuals who already have energy healing skills and want to deepen them or who are new to energy work and want a grounded and foundational structure so "no bad habits" are learned!
  • Students, practitioners and individuals seeking to use subtle energy as a tangible tool for healing, awakening and inner peace.
  • Those who want to learn to connect to their spirit guides, sense, see and track subtle energy and learn hands-on touch and no-touch healing techniques.
  •  People in the midst of transition who feel the need to get extra super power abilities to get to the other side.
  • Mental health professionals who need learning plan credits.
  • Practitioners (like therapists, coaches, acupuncturists, massage therapists and counselors) who want to help their clients on a deeper level and incorporate subtle energy awareness in their work or personal lives.
  • Anyone who wants to build their awareness, and get more satisfaction, love and happiness out of life.

If just one hidden thread on a tapestry unwinds, soon the whole tapestry will fall apart. Come learn how to prevent any hidden force from unwinding the good you do with clients, or the accomplishments you make in life. 

Space is limited, so register today!

Mind Energy Body School of Transformation's Healing Center

Mind Energy Body School of Transformation's Healing Center


1. The "early bird" workshop price is only $275 if you sign up before April 15th. Regular price is $300. Use the button below to pay via credit card, or mail your check to: Carolyn Eberle, 6366 Fairways Drive; Longmont, CO 80503

2. If you wish, you can attend Friday night only, which is $25. Simply call (720-530-7621) or email ( to reserve your spot.

3. Once you are registered, you will receive an email from Carolyn with workshop details and directions to our beautiful Northern Boulder County healing center. Sorry, there are no refundsAll registrations are final.

4. Have questions or need additional information? Contact Carolyn directly at or 720-530-7621.  We look forward to hearing from you and answering any questions you may have.

Special note: Because this program gives you a taste of what you can smilereceive from our full 12-class coaching certification program, if you decide to join the spring certification program, the cost of this workshop is free!

Early Registration Discount only $275 BEFORE April 15.
(Regular Price $325)

Friday 6-9pm and Saturday 10am-6pm; Sunday 9-1pm
Discount Early Registration for 2.5 Day Event $275

Nancy, Energy Worker and LPC "Finally after studying so many different orientations, I found a true teacher in Carolyn.  She gets all the missing pieces and has integrated them into a system of change that is so profound and powerful I couldn't belief it existed.  She offers a true paradigm shift - a better way so you won't be hurt by your past or re-traumatized by feeling the negativity that holds you back!"  


Looking forward to connecting!


$275 Early Registration Discount
for the entire workshop; Friday night only $25
(Normally $325)

Friday 6-9pm and Saturday 10am-6pm; Sunday 9-1pm
Discount Early Registration for 2.5 Day Event $275