Join Our Self-Love Gratitude Academy

August 12-13 love
 Friday 6-9pm and Saturday 10am-6pm

In this training, you will find the answer to these questions and so much more:

  • Ever wonder what is self-love? And how can it lead  you to a life that is easier, less stressful, and more magical?
  • Do you ever wonder why you should love, why love yourself and why love hurts?
  • Is there a dark side to love? Could there be a wrong way to love? And can love interfere with your own power and success?
  • Healing the roots of hidden co-dependent emotional pain.
  • How to stop "shoulding" all over yourself!

Do you:

  • Sense energy (or have a strong intuition) and want to learn more about that?
  • Want to gain more personal power than you ever thought possible? And learn to create internal safety, trust and self-love?
  • Chose to discover how to manifest close loving relationships and forever love?
  • Have a deep desire to get the clients or career you really want?
  • Want to help your clients (yourself) on a deeper level?
  • Need to avoid re-wounding when you (or your clients) feel painful and overwhelming emotions?

Faith, LPC "This training was the best thing I have EVER done for myself and my career. Thank you Carolyn for showing me a new and better way to live my life and help my clients."   (Testimonials: https://mindenergybody.org/testimonials/)


Is This Different From Past Trainings?

Yes, in this training we focus specifically on developing internal self-love, safety and trust! We also look specifically about the darker side of love and loving others -  "betrayal bonds" - and how to heal them so success doesn't pass you by!

Kathy Speak, MA in Counseling: "I studied EMDR, Hakomi, Somatic Experiencing and many other forms of mindfulness and body centered orientations and I didn't really get healing until I worked with Carolyn.  She has a profound and effective take on trauma work that the world needs to learn.  My clients heal faster and deeper and my own life has changed for the better.  Thanks Carolyn, you really get it! Thanks for helping me find me and my life path to self-mastery!"


Why Carolyn Is A Master Teacher of Love:

Carolyn was born not wanted and abandoned at birth.  Months later, when she was finally adopted - it was into a family plagued with dysfunctional love, alcoholism and abuse.

Yet, she wasn't alone. She never felt alone or unloved. Why?

From a young age, maybe because of her circumstances, Carolyn was able to sense energy.  At night, she saw spirit and energy surround her in loving comfort. The spirit world and connection to her higher self taught her true healthy love.

After years of study, meditation, spiritual awakenings and tons of certifications and degrees,  Carolyn developed a system of nurturing, healing love and she will share this 5 Step process with you so wherever you go, so goes love!

You too never need to be alone.  You too never need to feel unloved for there is always abundant love waiting for you to receive it!

This training is perfect for:group_photo

  • Individuals who feel stuck, frustrated or stressed with their lives.
  •  If you are in the middle of a transition and feel the need to get extra super power abilities to get to the other side.
  • Practitioners (like therapists, coaches, acupuncturists, massage therapists and counselors) who want to help their clients on a deeper level.
  • Anyone who wants to build their awareness and get more satisfaction, love and happiness out of life.

If just one hidden thread on a tapestry unwinds, soon the whole tapestry will fall apart. Come learn how to prevent any hidden force from unwinding the good you do with clients or the accomplishments you make in life.

Nancy, Energy Worker and LPC "Finally after studying so many different orientations, I found a true teacher in Carolyn.  She gets all the missing pieces and has integrated them into a system of change that is so profound and powerful I couldn't belief it existed.  She offers a true paradigm shift - a better way so you won't be hurt by your past or re-traumatized by feeling the negativity that holds you back!"  

Space is limited so register now!

Mind Energy Body School of Transformation's Healing Center

Mind Energy Body School of Transformation's Healing Center

Steps to register:

  1. Early Registration Discount is only $87 if Before July 20th. Regular price is $125.                          Use pay button below or mail check to: Carolyn Eberle, 6366 Fairways Drive; Longmont, CO 80503
  2. You can attend Friday night only, which is $25. Simply call or email carolyn@mindenergybody.org 720-530-7621 to reserve your spot.
  3. Once you are registered, you will receive an email from Carolyn with workshop details and directions to our beautiful Northern Boulder County healing center.  Sorry, there are no refunds.  All registrations are final.
  4. Have questions or need additional inforamation, contact call or email carolyn@mindenergybody.org; 720-530-7621.  I look forward to hearing from you and answering any questions you may have.

Early Registration Discount only $87 BEFORE July 20.
Regular Price $125

Discount Early Registration for Day Event $87August 12-13
Friday 6-9pm and Saturday 10am-6pm

Special note: Because this program gives you a taste of what you can smile-ladyreceive from our full 12-class certification program, if you decide to join the spring certification program, the cost of this workshop is free!

Best wishes, and I look forward to meeting you soon!xr222-fdb2fe0a-98a0-4e24-a0cb-c410404b9a7e-v2

$125 for the entire workshop; Friday night only $25;
Friday 6-9pm and Saturday 10am-6pm1.5 Day Event $125
 Discount Early Registration for 2.5 Day Event $275
 1.5 Day Event $125
1.5 Day Event $1252.5 Day Event $300Discount Early Registration for 2.5 Day Event $275Discount Early Registration for Day Event $87