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Are you ready to open to your inner gifts and spiritual wholeness? No one should be abused by their negative emotions and life events. Schedule a session and discover a better way to heal!

Stop reacting, and start creating your life through Mind Energy Body Transformation!

Find happiness and health for you  (and clients) in this life-changing, holistic advanced approach.

From the latest research in brain science, physics and emotional trauma work - you can’t just treat the mind. And you can’t just treat the body.

To help you heal - you have to treat the whole person:

  • Brain's reactivity
  • Trauma in the body
  • Embodiment of your spiritual wholeness
  • And the energy field that surrounds you

Come experience an advanced integrative all in one mind, energy and body system for healing and awakening.

For instance, imagine that subtle energy is a profound tool for change, healing illness, depression, anxiety, trauma and foster spiritual awakening! Now imagine  you can use your mind, brain and body to transform the energy of those negative emotions, beliefs and blocks back to wholeness, wisdom, joy, health, great relationships, abundance  and positive manifestation.

Have you been "picking up" subtle energies...information between you and your client?  Are you sensing things you can't explain yet want to be able to understand more?

Are you open to a quantum reality where everything is made up of particles of energy that can transform from pain to power?

I'm Carolyn Eberle, founder of the Mind Energy Body School of Transformation. I look forward to supporting you in your service of your clients (and yourself).  Chose now to uplevel your skills and awakening and schedule a session now! (See links below)

Or contact me/text/phone/email: 720-530-7621,

  • Do you have a healing or therapeutic practice, but feel burned out, unable to attract the clients you really want, or unsure of how to best support the clients you already have?

  • Do you want to up-level your skill set to prevent rewounding and evolve a practice centered around Mind and Body to one that encompasses the "whole human" including the subtle, energetic aspects or our being?

  • Do you long to connect to your inner power, but feel weakened by your own emotional pain, illness, challenge and/or trauma?

  • Are you done with fluffy "feel good but get nowhere spiritual growth tactics" and are ready to embrace a deep and real, no-nonsense and grounded system of transformation?

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Carolyn Headshot Black 1Whether a therapist, clinical professional, holistic practitioner, energy healer or body worker, what you seek first and foremost is to realize your own healing so that you can be of authentic and empowered service to those who turn to you for guidance and support. You are seeking the kind of deep and lasting transformation that enables you to step fully into the magic of living a life that reflects your purpose and your innate brilliance.

I'm a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), a graduate of the Barbara Brennan School and the Barbara Brennan Teacher Training program as well as several energy and body-centered psychotherapy/meditation/trauma programs. (See my full bio) My areas of focus are concerns related to: emotional and/or physical trauma, abuse, depression, anxiety, issues related to adoption or birth trauma, and chronic or terminal illness. And, while I work with people from all walks of life, my passion is supporting those who support others (therapists, mental health professionals, healers, holistic practitioners) in transforming their pain into power so that they create practices and lives that reflect their Core Being.

Our work together will equip you (and your clients) to learn to reconnect to the energy of higher consciousness during times of challenge or when negative emotions/beliefs are triggered so that you can self-regulate back to a state of grounded, empowered, wholeness. Once you master this work in yourself, you will discover how to do the same for your clients. Yes, you can rewire the brain, help a person shift energetically energy and create a body-centered experience of Core Being and higher consciousness. It is my honor and privilege to be your teacher and mentor in the process!

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Private Consultation on Client Issues, and/or Individual Training sessions are available on skype, phone, and/or in-person at the Boulder, CO based Mind Energy Body Transformation Healing Center.

MEB Healing Center Grounds

Private session availability is very limited! Please book now to ensure the earliest available appointment time.

While may choose a single session, it is rare for someone unfamiliar with the ME-B work to be able to quickly go deeply enough into the root of an issue to fully transform it in one session. Therefore, it is recommended that you make a commitment to a package of either 3 or 6 sessions which also provides for a substantial savings over a pay-as-you-go, single session arrangement. If you are interested in longer packages or need to make special financial arrangements, those can be considered after an initial single session has been completed.

"This journey through has been such a gift. Each weekend has felt like a layer being pulled back to reveal more and more of who I really am. I want you to know how deeply grateful I am for you and your work, and how it is helping me heal and evolve. I am already integrating what I am learning into my work with others, and also see the great healing the work is bringing to my clients."Mindy, therapist working with teens