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This research and evidence informed training is not for everyone. It takes an awakened and courageous soul to look at the parts of their inner programming that hold ego and negative patterns.  This training is only for those advanced souls ready and willing to take responsibility for what they have created in their life. 

Are you ready to move through the pain that challenge holds so you can shift the blocks in your way and successfully create your dreams into reality? 

You will be asked to name, own and claim when you are reacting from ego and negative defensive reactivity.  In this training you must be willing to acknowledge your personality parts that don’t serve your highest good.  You see, those parts do not reflect your highest good or your true self.

The training will help you learn to move out of the ego-based parts that hold negative reactivity patterns and instead live from your bigger-true self. I call the bigger spiritual wholeness, your Core Being.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could learn to become the light in the darkness of any challenge you face? So the emotional pain you feel can shift into a magical gift that serves your highest good?

  • Get Certified as a Mind Energy Body Transformation guide (Full Certification is 12 classes once a month for 2.5 days). Level I, II, III starts soon.   Come learn how to connect to the particles of energy within trauma, anger, anxiety or whatever blocks you have so the particles are entrained to raise their vibration back to wisdom and wholeness. Take your skills to the next level and rewire your brain’s neuro-network and transform pain to power at the most subtle level of awareness! It is our subconscious that holds us back, get support on finding these blocks and transforming so you no longer get in your own way!Receive tools to integrate and advance your subtle energy skills into an ALL-IN-ONE Integrated mind, energy, body, and spirit modality. Details at
  • We offer various Introductory workshops and an Awakening Group so you bridge the skills of therapist, healers and meditators and you learn how to move through the blocks in your life and create the job, relationship and joy you have always wanted.  Details at:

****  Awakening Group meets once a month and begins in May.
****  Our workshops are listed on this web site under the events tab.  (Chronic Illness, Trauma, Conscious Couples, Introduction to Mind Energy Body Transformation, Barbara Brennan Healing Science, Horse Initiated Psychotherapy and more)